Startups by CBT Faculties

Clensta International Pvt Ltd

The inspiration for Clensta™ came from the visible need to make Personal Hygiene accessible at locations with scarcity of water. Clensta™ is an Indian startup in association with IIT Delhi, one of the leading technology institutions in India. Recognizing the value of the water footprint, IIT graduates came together to establish a network committed to using science-based, practical solutions and strategic insights to transform the way we use and manage our water resources and plastic waste. Clensta™ have been working to create innovative waterless healthcare solutions to make hygiene accessible for anyone, anytime and anywhere. Their mantra of ‘clean instantly’ is driven by their aim to create products that promote complete and instant personal hygiene without the use of water.

Edna Biolabs

Founded at IIT Delhi in 2020, Edna BioLabs produces specialty enzymes for the Indian and global market. Their initial product offering includes enzymes in the molecular biology and mass spectrometry segments, as well as derivative products including kits and reagent mixes. Their founding team has leveraged years of experience in biomolecule production in top universities (IIT Delhi, ICT Mumbai) and leading companies (Biocon, Syngene, Intas). Their enzymes are recombinantly produced and purified using a state-of-the-art purification train consisting of multiple chromatography and filtration steps in series. Each enzyme vial from Edna is guaranteed to have equal or better activity and purity compared to those from top international companies including New England Biolabs, Thermo Scientific, and Takara Bio. They are also currently the only Indian manufacturers of specialty mass spectrometry enzymes. With fast distribution channels across the country and exceptional value for price, we hope to become the brand of choice for specialty enzymes for academic research and industrial labs in India.

Growdea Technologies

Growdea Technologies Pvt Ltd, an in-silico life science company focusing on application of AI/machine learning & high end computational techniques to address current problems in biology, incorporated in 2018. They provide innovative and customized solutions to pharmaceutical research and help them achieve their goal in short time using our computational platform for small molecules & biologics design.